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Af1 customises

Can we wear personalised Nike af1s to the wedding?

We have a quick question for you: who is going to spend their wedding day in glittery high heels? The answer is you. After all, you're the one who's going to be stuck in high heels that you're not used to walking in. For your wedding, you can put on your best custom Nike af1 's so you can feel comfortable in your trainers! Just because you're going to say "I do" to your husband doesn't mean you have to look bad in heels that don't fit! The emotions will already be running high... So think of the comfort of Nike af1 customised to take your mind off it!


Customised Nike af1s at the wedding: a nice surprise effect

With classic wedding traditions still alive and well today, your guests will expect the beautiful white wedding dress with heels. Unfortunately, the colour white makes you look pale and you've never walked in heels. This is not a problem, you can break the codes and enter the modern era! Feel free to choose a red dress and custom Nike af1s as your shoes. You can be sure that the surprise effect will be successful and that all your guests will be positively surprised! You will have gained everything, the original and comfortable side of your outfit and the surprise of your guests!


A pair of customised Nike af1s? Yes, but a nice customisation!

The customisation of a pair of Nike af1 customised you design is bound to be beautiful, you know why? Because this customisation will come from the heart and will reflect not only your personality but also the love you have for your husband. To make sure that the customization you will do is pleasing to you, we advise you to add the elements of customization that you like and that are similar to you. If you see life filled with glitter, don't hesitate to add Swarovski rhinestones to the Nike logo to shine. The customised pair of af1s you put together will be unique to you.


Are customised Nike af1s only for women?

Shoe customisation is not just for women, it's open to everyone! So you can make a pair of Nike af1 custom shoes for your husband. The choice of the customization to be done on them will be decided by your husband and you, if you choose to make a pair of Nike af1 customised together. Already have children? You can also make them a pair of personalised shoes especially for your wedding day. Take a nice photo of the family in law in personalised Nike af1s.