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A customised Adidas model as a wedding shoe

These days, some wedding traditions have fallen by the wayside. This is also true of the bride and groom's outfits. So, if you'd like to wear a personalized Adidas sneaker with pretty pearls or Swarovski rhinestones, instead of pumps with dizzying heels, don't hesitate! Wedding sneakers are just the right touch of modern style to keep the bride and groom comfortable throughout their special day! You'll be sure to keep your whole feet to the end of the day, even after the last wild dance. Your model Adidas model with the inscriptions of your choice will become a unique pair to dream about!

A personalized Adidas model for your wedding, that's a change!

You may be totally comfortable walking in heels, but we'd still love to leave them behind for a too-stylish wedding in sneakers! It's THE trend that's taken over Pinterest and Instagram in recent years. Your personalized Adidas sneaker with Double G Customs will bring a more rock'n'roll and modern touch to your outfit. You can choose every customization detail to ensure a result perfectly in tune with your dress or wedding theme. Imagine your own Adidas model model, and choose an original pair that you'll keep forever as a souvenir of your perfect day.

Comfortable and cool, the customised Adidas model of your choice is invited to your wedding

The white Adidas Stan Smith sneaker is the ideal model to customize to create THE perfect pair of sneakers to match your wedding dress. It's a decision that breaks codes and makes a quirky pairing for a stylish wedding in sneakers. If you're convinced and want your dream sneaker for the big day, visit Double G Customs and discover the online customization options available to you for the Adidas model model of your choice. You can create your own Adidas model model from A to Z, or choose a pre-customized model from the collection, ready to order.

An Adidas model customized to your wishes

For this exceptional day, make a choice that reflects your personality. Do you like to enjoy life? Then make the most of this day dedicated to the love you share with your partner! Dance the night away with the blue Stan Smith Just Married Elegance model, for example. A personalized Adidas model by Double G Customs. Everyone will love to see you as a sneaker bride, and above all, everyone will love to see the positive energy that accompanies you. Getting married in sneakers is the perfect mix of elegance and urban style. Discover all Double G Customs offers and choose your model Adidas model model!