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Adidas design

A simple and effective wedding outfit like my Adidas designs

Sneakers are an integral part of your everyday look, and it's unthinkable for you to go out without them. You feel comfortable and heels are not for you. Don't take the risk of wearing them to your wedding... You don't want to fall over in front of all the guests. Sneakers will therefore be part of your wedding outfit. Looking for simple sneakers with a touch of personality? Look no further! Double G Customs offers to customize a pair of Adidas sneakers for your wedding . These designs represent the love you have for your husband. Of course, you can also add a Adidas design with other personalization elements such as rhinestones, pearls, inscriptions, etc. For a simple, effective pair like your wedding dress, aim for the Adidas designs made by yourself.

Creating a nice souvenir with drawings on Adidas

You'll opt for Adidas designs for your wedding. What a great idea! But what to do with these shoes, personalized especially for the occasion? Like your wedding photo or the guest book, the Adidas sneakers will become an original souvenir of the day you said "I do"! Of course, it's easier to hand over your personalized shoes than your wedding dress. You could bring them out again for special events like wedding anniversaries or Valentine's Day. And of course, you can wear them on your honeymoon! Your Adidas designs will explore beautiful places with you and create more memories. Or put them next to your wedding photo as a decorative element. It's up to you what you do with this special souvenir of the happiest day of your life.

Is it compulsory to put designs on Adidas?

Designs on Adidas are not compulsory. You can leave them as they were without adding any personalization. However, for a wedding, it's more original to create a customization that represents the love between you and your husband. Personalizing Adidas shoes is not just a matter of drawing. Double G customs offers a wide range of customization elements. You can add patterns on the front of the shoe, inscriptions on the outside of your Adidas, rhinestones or pearls around your text, or even your initials on the back of the sneaker. The number of customization options is unlimited. You can leave the designs on the Adidas and complete your pair of shoes with other customizations. As long as the shoes look like you, that's the main thing!